The universal art of Anthony Corner

Anthony Corner. Over and Over and Over | Courtesy VeniceArtFactory

Anthony Corner's work has the ability to merge the senses in depth and often unconsciously, moving between visual art and worlds dominated by touch or sound, and transporting the observer through a synaesthetic experience - as the psychologist and neuroscientist Michael Banissy states in describing his work -. The exhibition presented by Venice Art Factory in collaboration with Contemporis ETS in the environments of SPUMA - Space for the Arts on the Giudecca Island is accompanied by a limited edition publication which includes an essay by the philosopher and writer Alex McKeown, dedicated to the exploration of Corner's background and his artistic motivations, according to which the value of art can be traced back in part to the origins of a single individual's own experience and "what is true for everyone when faced with the challenge of being present, and to the gravity of having to evaluate, decide, choose, act and create - deliberately, repeatedly, over and over again - that is, of having to live; for a finite period, moment after moment." ​

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