Traveling inside Architecture with Candida Höfer

Candida Höfer, Reggia di Portici, 2009, C-print, 200 × 241 cm | Courtesy Patricia Low Venezia

Third exhibition appointment at the new headquarters of the Patricia Low Venice gallery on the Grand Canal, Inside Italian Architecture arrives in the Lagoon in the wake of the 18th Architecture Biennale to tell the story of the charm of historic Italian architecture through large-format color photographs signed by Candida Höfer (Eberswalde, 1944). Views suspended in time of Villa Borghese in Rome, Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the Teatro dell'Opera della Fenice in Venice, enchant visitors with their rarefied atmosphere, the vivid light that reveals architectural details, paintings, classical sculptures, rows of books waiting to be browsed again in the uninhabited interiors of Italian cultural buildings. Höfer's shots emanate a typical glow, originating from the skilful use of natural light through a long exposure, thanks to which the windows and mirrors of these historic places are charged with a particularly intense reverberation, which reunites space and time by cloaking them of an almost sacred aura.

  1. Keywords: candida höfer, exhibitions venice, photography,, nozio business, patricia low venezia - palazzo contarini michiel

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