Tribute to Marco Polo and multiculturalism

The worlds of Marco Polo. The journey of a Venetian merchant of the Thirteenth century | Courtesy MUVE, Venice

The exhibition hosted at Palazzo Ducale and dedicated to the 700 years since the death of the famous Venetian explorer is divided into different sections that illustrate both the Venetian city and mercantile reality in the first half of the fourteenth century, and the importance of travel in Venetian commercial culture before and after the experience of the Polo family, through medieval cartography and the stories and travels of the many merchants of the time. The most illustrious of those travelers Marco Polo (1254 - 1324), thanks to the memories of his itineraries and his extraordinary discoveries narrated in the famous Milione, survives in myth and offers us a precious opportunity to learn more about his incredible life and share his knowledge relating to those distant peoples and places, but also to understand what the relationships between these different worlds currently are and how in reality the "Silk Roads" have not lost their relevance in the relationships between the various cultures to date.

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