Ugo Carmeni. Venice Mapping Time

Ugo Carmeni, 20220721124452, 100 × 133 cm, Giclee print, handmade wax finish, Dibond panel with wooden spacer | © Ugo Carmeni

With Ugo Carmeni. Venice Mapping Time - the exhibition curated by Daniela Ferretti with Dario Dalla Lana, promoted by the Veneto Regional Museums Directorate and by the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Venice and the Lagoon and sponsored by the Patriarchate of Venice - the Palazzo Grimani Museum continues in the process of enhancing its permanent installations and its architectural uniqueness through innovative projects and cultural proposals designed specifically for its spaces. The work of Ugo Carmeni, conceived specifically to interact with the Tuscan-Roman Renaissance architecture of which the Palazzo is a rare example in Venice, contributes to intensifying the dialogue between the profound historical heritage of the museum and the artistic expressions of the contemporary, proposing a unusual look at the "stones of Venice" and highlighting their particular way of interacting with time and light.

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