Women in Love

The African model Maria Regina Nakasiga in a frame from one of the Princess Bee videos

The new project with a strong social impact conceived by Benedetta Paravia, better known as Princess Bee, a multifaceted artist active in the Arab world and in the protection of human and women's rights, intends to raise public awareness on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation, a violation of Human Rights still seriously widespread in the world and even in Italy. WOMEN IN LOVE presents 7 NFT videos featuring 7 female volunteers of different nationalities, with the photographic direction of Daniele Pedone, dedicated to the power of female nature as opposed to the violence of the crime of FGM. At the end of the exhibition, the 7 NFT will be auctioned during a charity auction of which part of the proceeds will go to support the NGO The Girdle for the empowerment of women in Africa and the rest will be used for a targeted awareness education campaign for girls through the social media Tiktok and Istagram, with a series of traveling conferences on the theme of FGM and free defibulation and clitoridoplasty for mutilated victims.

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