Youssef Nabil. Once Upon a Dream

Youssef Nabil, Say Goodbye, Self Portrait, Alexandria, 2009 | © Youssef Nabil

Made with the traditional Egyptian technique widely used in family photographic portraits and for the posters of the films once posted on the streets of Cairo, the photographs later hand painted by Youssef Nabil recall the suggestion of a legendary Egypt, between symbolism and abstraction. The exhibition aims to invite you to a free immersion in the artist's career through different thematic sections that reproduce his first works up to the most recent works, during a research studded with identity finds, ideological, social and political concerns of the 21st century that tell the melancholy of a lost past.

  1. Keywords: palazzo grassi, art,, exhibitions 2020, matthieu humery, jean-jacques aillagon, cairo, photographt

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