Zhanna Kadyrova. PALIANYTSIA

Zhanna Kadyrova, 'Palianytsia' found river stone, 2022 | Courtesy of Zhanna Kadyrova & Ivan Sautkin

On the occasion of the 59th Venice Biennale, Galleria Continua presents PALIANYTSIA, a project by Zhanna Kadyrova, not just an exhibition but an initiative that aims to raise awareness among the public, giving the Ukrainian artist the opportunity to tell her story in common with that of many of her compatriots in this dramatic historical moment. On display are works in stone, works on paper and a documentary of the project by Ivan Sautkin, made by professional directors from Kiev, Olena Zashko and Ganna Yeresko. In a historical scenario that sees 6.5 million Ukrainians displaced both inside the country and abroad and many others who have abandoned their professions to defend their homeland, Zhanna Kadyrova herself is also far from home, in Transcarpathia, 30 km from the Hungarian border, together with the project co-author Denis-Ruban. The area is isolated but they still managed to get a rural studio house and exhibition space, restoring electricity and heating. It is a place protected by the Carpathians, crossed by several rivers that over time have smoothed the large stones that lie on their bottom. Stones that have left the artist with a particular type of Ukrainian bread: the Palianytsia.

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